INFRARED THERMOGRAPHY INDTT is offering superb quality INFRARED Thermography Services. This is used for monitoring, sensing and recording the heat and temperature. It further assists in effectively troubleshooting any mechanical, structural systems. With the use of skilled experts, we provide accurate data related to the problems that remain undetected in standard visual inspection and other techniques.   […]


LEAK TESTING INDTT has also been carrying out Vacuum box leak tests using straight, corner or curved vacuum boxes to suit variety of part geometry and to withstand a pressure differential of up to 14.7 psi (absolute) INDTT conducts varieties of leak tests such as Pneumatic test, Hydro test, Bubble test, Pressure Change Measurement Test (PCMT), Halogen diode […]


LIQUID PENETRANT TESTING Has been primarily employed to detect surface discontinuities on metallic and non metallic industrial products. We undertake variety of Liquid Penetrant test methods using Solvent Removable, Water Washable, Post emulsifier Penetrants with Aqueous, Non Aqueous or Powder developers.Both Visible and Fluorescent methods are available.      


MAGNETIC PARTICLE TESTING INDTT has full capability to conduct Magnetic particle testing on a variety of ferromagnetic materials using Visible / Fluorescent and both Dry / Wet Continuous or Residual methods. We employ Electromagnetic Yokes ( AC / DC and HWDC ), Permanent Yokes, Prods, Cable wraps, Standard coils, and demagnetization techniques are also available for specialized applications.  


VISUAL INSPECTION We under take wide variety of Visual Inspections using Boroscope & Videoscopes for the examination of hard to reach areas. We also perform Welding Inspections, Structural Inspections, Dimensional Inspections and Painting Inspection through our well experienced inspectors qualified to AWS – CWI and / or ASNT VT level II.