INDTT is a place our customers can rely on for quality NDT training.
We introduce NDT to your engineers or managers and provide them comprehensive training with hands-on practical to help acquire ASNT Level I / II / III certifications to further their careers. Our training methods have been unique with complete audio visuals and specifically tailored to each industry and yet very cost effective.

We are proud to assure you that the NDT training we have been offering is perhaps the best in industry with our trainers having over twenty years of teaching experience and holding Level III qualifications in most NDT disciplines and have conducted NDT training for Level I / II & Level III for many companies in India and abroad.

NDT Training courses can be developed to fit your company’s specific training requirements and can be conducted at your facility or at our training center in Mumbai and Middle East.

Our training methods have been unique & specifically tailored to individuals to completely help prepare your candidates to perform independently as certified ASNT NDT Level II or Level III for your organization.

We provide an in-depth fundamental knowledge of each NDT technique along with complete & intense hands-on training to develop your individuals fully to be able to directly take up all your key NDT assignments as per your requirements. Our each course is backed by additional demonstration through videos & Power Point presentations that have been specially developed by our instructors keeping in mind the requirement of our students to actually see several different material processes, testing and the way defects crop up, something they have not been able to see in the course of their routine work.

Seminars can be held at the location of your choice when arranged with a minimum enrolment of six ( 6 ) attendees.

The courses meet or exceed the desired requirements of American Society for Non-Destructive Testing, recommended practice SNT /TC / 1A and Specification Cp – 189.

Details of ASNT NDT LEVEL I & LEVEL II Courses,

Courses Duration
 Ultrasonic Testing Level I  5 days
 Ultrasonic Testing Level II  6 days
 UT TKY Qualification ( API-RP-2X)  6 days
 Ultrasonic Testing II as per D 1.1  6 days
 Radiographic Testing. Level II  6 days
 Radiographic Film Interpretation ( RTFI II )  6 days
 Radiation Safety Officer KACST  6 days
 Eddy Current Testing Level I / II  6 days
 Magnetic Particle Testing Level II  5 days
 Liquid Penetrant Testing Level II  5 days
 Visual Testing Level II  5 days
 Leak Testing Level I / II  7 days
 Infrared Thermography Testing Level I / II  8 days
 Acoustic Emission Testing Level I /II  8 days
 Vibration Analysis Level I / II  9 days
 Neutron Radiography Level I / II  8 days

Educational Qualification & Work Experience requirements for NDT level I & II

 Education  Level I
Work Experience 
 Level II
Work Experience
 Min Diploma in
Engg. / B. Sc
 Six Months  One year as Level I
or 2 years
 Two years of college
( Physics / Maths )
 One Year  One year as Level I
 Tenth Standard
 Two Years  One year as Level I

Examination requirements for ASNT:

      • Work experience certificate from employer.
      • Educational qualification certificate copy.
      • Two passport size photographs.
      • Eye test certificate.