INDTT is a premier institute that offers broad range of testing and training services and has proven itself over the years, having selected by some most world renowned companies in India and abroad.

The company has proven itself in providing finest training for ASNT NDT Level III examination, API & AWS Certifications in particular.

We have been offering training in the area of NDT, Welding, Metallurgy, Pressure vessels, Storage tanks, Quality control, and a host of many others.

We’re proud that our commitment to quality training and reliable NDT inspections has earned us such respect.

On testing front INDTT has spent years of experience in NDT technology building a set of capabilities that is unparalleled by any other company.

We are committed to driving the right behaviors in our customer’s NDT. Our facilities have decades of industrial application experience in NDT and are positioned to draw ongoing knowledge from the tal­ented professionals who develop NDT technologies, troubleshoot customer problems, and operate inspec­tion equipment in production environments around the globe.

INDTT has been a leader in providing critical NDT solutions and full scope NDT services to contractors and many companies. Our clients are leaders in virtually every industry, including power generation, oil, gas & petrochemical.